**** LUKE R HOSPADARUK 9000.1 BASIC V2 ****
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This is the "CMS" I use to build this website.

It is a super-simple system to generate a static site from a bundle of markdown files and some other static resources using Jinja2 templates/python.

It has nothing to do with a commodore 64 other than it's awesome stylings.

There are a few simple moving parts:

  1. build.py
    This is the 'main' file. It's basic operation is to trigger the generation of the static site.
    If called with with '-d' parameter it will start a simple development webserver and watch the template and source directories for changes, updating the ouput whenever there is a change in either.

  2. generate.py
    This file actually handles the logic of site generation.
    It scans the source directory for markdown files to render, renders them to the output, then copies over any non-markdown files from the source dir.

  3. imagemagick Imagemagick is used to commodore-ify photos. A fairly simple convert command does the trick.

The source is available at github, check it out.